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NASDAQ OMX continues to expand its derivatives offerings with NASDAQ OMX FX Options, providing both retail and institutional traders with the opportunity to trade options on seven major foreign currencies.


Features and Functionality:

  • Easy to Trade:
    • Retail-focused and sized
    • U.S. Dollar-settled, rather than in underlying foreign currency
    • Trade in your foreign currency options approved brokerage account
    • European-style exercise, but can always be bought or sold prior to expiration
  • Easy to Understand:
    • Displayed similar to index options - moving the decimal two places to the right

Getting Started

Diversify your portfolio with NASDAQ OMX FX Options today!

  • NASDAQ OMX FX Options are structured to be available for trading through any approved options account at a securities broker-dealer.
  • Contact your broker-dealer for more information.

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