In October of 2005, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) assumed ownership of the OTCBB service from The Nasdaq Stock Market. In the transfer, Nasdaq retained the role of technology and administrative provider for the OTCBB service.

The OTC service is designed to provide over-the-counter (OTC) trade and quotation data for publicly traded equities that are not listed on the Nasdaq, New York Stock Exchange, or American Stock Exchange and traded over the counter. The OTC Services include the following:

  • OTCBB market participant quotations
  • OTCBB Inside quotations
  • OTCBB trade data
  • Other OTC trade data from FINRA/Nasdaq TRF participant firms

Benefits and Features

The OTCBB service is designed to:

  • Ensure that investors know the prevailing market price before entering a buy or sell order for an OTCBB security.
  • Allow individuals and firms to value their investment portfolios and to determine profit or loss for each of their positions.

The OTCBB service supports the following associated data feed products:

  • Bulletin Board Dissemination ServiceSM (BBDSSM) provides real-time market participant quotations and associated inside quotations (when applicable) for all OTCBB securities (except DPPs) as well as Indicative market participant quotations and inside quotations (when applicable) for OTCBB DPPs;
  • Trade Data Dissemination ServiceSM (TDDSSM) provides real-time data for FINRA/Nasdaq TRF trade transactions in all OTC Bulletin Board00ae (OTCBB) securities as well as non-OTCBB securities that are traded over the counter (NNOTC) in the United States. Additionally End of Day summary information is provided including high price, low price, closing price, net change, and volume for all OTCBB issues and for NNOTC issues, including direct participation programs (DPPs), which traded during the current business day.

Access Options

For all data consumers:

  • Via Market Data Vendors: Individual investors and traders may access real-time data through a number of authorized Nasdaq market data distributors. Market data distributors provide both display devices and data feed products containing Nasdaq real-time data. Refer to the Market Data Vendors page for a complete list of companies.

For firms only:

  • Via Nasdaq Direct Data Feed Products: Trading firms and market data vendors may create a real-time display by processing direct Nasdaq data feed products. For detailed technical documentation for Nasdaq direct products, please refer to the specifications page of the Nasdaq Trader website.


OTCBB is covered under the Level 1 entitlement please; refer to the Level 1 product page for pricing details.

Product News & Updates

Data recipients may be interested in the following news items that have been posted to Nasdaq Trader website:

FINRA ADF market participants should refer to the FINRA website for the latest marketplace news.

How to Purchase

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