Data Piracy Reporting


    This online form allows you to:

  • Report vendors or distributors that are redistributing any NASDAQ market data products that are currently not approved
  • Report vendors or distributors that are knowingly or unknowingly stealing market data without reporting this usage to NASDAQ
  • Provide information regarding a potential audit that may contain any misappropriation of NASDAQ market data

Reporting Information

Please provide information regarding the misappropriation. Include the name of the vendor/firm that is responsible as well as a brief description of how the data is being misused. Provide the following information, if available: website, physical address, internal system and number of users.

Name of Vendor/Firm:
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Or, you can email the information to NASDAQ Global Data Products.

Contact Information

  • 301.978.5307
    (Please ask for the Compliance Manager or Specialist.)