Nasdaq TotalView-ITCH ("TotalView")

Now available via Nasdaq Data Link API

ITCH is the revolutionary Nasdaq outbound protocol


Nasdaq TotalView-ITCH — the standard Nasdaq data feed for serious traders — displays the full order book depth for Nasdaq market participants. TotalView also disseminates the Net Order Imbalance Indicator (NOII) for the Nasdaq Opening and Closing Crosses and Nasdaq IPO/Halt Cross.

TotalView Partners

Recognizing our clients’ commitment to providing their customers with the best view of the Nasdaq market available today, we’re pleased to highlight Nasdaq TotalView Partner Providers:

Bank of America*
Bloomberg Finance L.P.*
Charles Schwab & Co. Inc.
E*TRADE Securities LLC
Eze Castle Software LLC*
Fidelity Investments
Fidessa Corporation
Nomura Securities International Inc.
PTS Financial Technology LLC*
TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation
Virtu Financial*
Wolverine Execution Services*

*Also offers Nasdaq Net Order Imbalance Information

Benefits & Features

TotalView TotalView, Nasdaq’s premier data feed, shows you every single quote and order at every price level in Nasdaq-, NYSE-, MKT- and regional-listed securities on Nasdaq.


  • View all displayed quotes and orders attributed to specific market participants
  • Access total displayed anonymous interest
  • See total size of all displayed quotes and orders

Take advantage of opportunities others don’t know are available with TotalView by seeing more than 20 times the liquidity of Level 2 and three times the liquidity within five cents of the inside market.

  • Follow pockets of liquidity over time
  • Access liquidity faster
  • Better understand how orders are distributed throughout the market
  • Identify and pursue new and unique trading opportunities

TotalView also supplies the Net Order Imbalance Indicator (NOII).This indispensable tool provides invaluable information about opening and closing orders and the likely opening and closing prices of a security. This insight that can help reveal new trading opportunities as well as help you maintain your positions by more accurately gauging the true buy and sell interest in securities. NOII is the only way to gain insight into Nasdaq’s highly liquid Opening, Closing, Halt and IPO crosses.





Please refer to the U.S. Equities Price List for pricing information.

Access Options

  • Via Nasdaq Direct Data Feed Products: Trading firms and market data vendors may create a real-time display by processing direct Nasdaq data feed products. For detailed technical documentation for Nasdaq direct products, please refer to the specifications page of the Nasdaq Trader website.


  • Via Market Data Vendors: Individual investors and traders may access real-time data through a number of authorized Nasdaq market data distributors. Market data distributors provide both display devices and data feed products containing Nasdaq real-time data. Refer to the Market Data Vendors page for a complete list of companies.


  • Via Nasdaq Web Products: For Nasdaq market participant firms, Nasdaq has incorporated TotalView depth data into its Nasdaq Workstation product. For individual and institutional investors, Nasdaq offers access to its market depth via the Nasdaq DataStore.

Agreements & Forms

To order this data on a stand-alone terminal/controlled display product, end users or end-user firms should contact their market data vendor for the appropriate agreements and forms.

To initiate this data on a data feed, firms must submit the appropriate documentation and receive prior approval from Nasdaq:

For the complete list of Nasdaq and UTP market data agreements and forms, please refer to the Nasdaq Global Data Products Agreements and Forms page.

How to Purchase


Firms Contact:


Individual Investors and Traders Subscribe via: