ACT Recap Messages


  • End-of-Day Participant Recap (TCRC) - This message will contain the control number and end-of-day (EOD) status of all trades pertaining to particular ACT subscribers acting either as Market Makers or as order entry firms.
  • Clearing Firm End-of-Day Recap (TTFR) – These message denote clearing firm Recaps. They contain trade information and EOD status for each trade executed by a clearing firm on behalf of a correspondent.
    • The MMID of the Contra Execution Broker will be portrayed as SIZE;
    • The Clearing Number of the Contra will be portrayed as '8602'; and
    • The Contra Branch Sequence field, when applicable, will be portrayed as 'blank'.

Those firms who currently receive recaps via CTCI will be required to adjust their systems to the new delivery method because message transmission over a fixed CTCI line is different than a flat-file download from a web site. Please note the following highlights:

ACT Recaps are grouped by message type (e.g. TCRC) when transmitting via CTCI. After receiving Recaps via the web, all of a firm's different messages will be aggregated into a single flat-file. Using CTCI, recap messages are transmitted on a trade-by-trade basis. Once delivery via the web has been initiated, each text file will contain all of a firm's individual recaps. The main body of each message including data fields such as the ACT control number and trade status will not change. The main body of each message including fields such as the ACT control number and trade status will not change however the new files will not contain the header and footer data related to CTCI. Since CTCI transmission begins with a firm's first recap message and ends with their last, the change from CTCI to flat-file delivery via a web site will impact the start and end times. Currently, recap transmission begins on average at about 10 p.m.. Eastern Time (ET) and ends between 11:30 p.m. and 11:45 p.m., ET. Using the web site delivery, the member firms should be able to download the flat file with all of their recaps between 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m., ET. This should benefit the firms in the long term because there will be no chance of losing data due to CTCI switch shut down at 11:30.

File Naming Convention & Secure FTP Directory Information

The actual IP Address is the same IP address used to access the current ACT Recap files and was provided to you when you received your current user ID and password. Listed below is the path to access the new files:


Data Fields and Definitions

The session, reference number, control number, and status fields will be repeated for each trade within each ACT Recap message. Each message will be a fixed length message, may contain a maximum of five trades, and there will be as many Recaps as necessary to accommodate and transmit all trades pertaining to an ACT subscriber acting as Market Makers and/or Order Entry firm. The length of each field is as follows: session = one digit; reference number = six digits; control number = ten digits; trade status = one digit.

Data Field Definition
Session Always four blank spaces
MyRefNum Reference number of entry role
TradeCtrNum Trade control number
TradeStatus Ttrade status
ContraFirm Set to “SIZE" if anonymity indicator is M, O, B, or C Otherwise set to the contra id
Side Trade side
Volume Trade volume
Issue Issue symbol
Price Unit trade price
DollarVolume Normalized dollar volume
ShortSaleInd Short sale indicator
Capacity Capacity depend on entry role
ContraCapacity Contra capacity

Additional Information