New Weblink ACT 3.0

Electronically facilitate trade reporting and clearing functions for trades reported to the FINRA/NASDAQ TRF

Weblink ACT 3.0 Overview

Weblink ACT 3.0 is the new low-cost, browser-based application that electronically facilitates trade reporting and clearing functions for trades reported to the FINRA/NASDAQ Trade Reporting FacilityTM (TRFTM) and the Over-the-Counter Trade Reporting Facility (ORF). Some special functions for NASDAQ trades are also supported.

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New features now available!

New Features Include:

  • Updated look and feel
  • Choose between a classic light or a new dark background
  • Consolidated pages allow for easier, more intuitive scanning
  • Ability to minimize right sidebar allows for maximum workspace
  • Scalable platform for future enhancements

Features Coming Soon:

  • Ability to choose between multiple MPIDs for each login
  • More than one day of trade history

Features & Functionality


  • Ability to manually enter trades
  • Intuitive trade entry screen allows firm to indicate multiple types of trades (reports, cancels, as-ofs, etc.)
Trade Entry

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  • Access to all of a firm's trading information and status of every trade entry
  • Reconcile original T, T+1, T+2...N, reversals, step-outs, and as-of trades
  • Accept, decline, cancel, or error open trades and no/was executing party trades
  • Accept, decline, and cancel order entry trades
  • Break a matched or accepted trade
  • Search by any attribute through our advanced scan
  • Filter by: trade, status, date, side, price, time, etc.
  • Dynamic filter updates while search criteria is being typed
Trade Scan

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  • Scan by participant and/or security
  • Compiles trade date activity in a customizable display
  • Stats include symbol, gross and net dollar amounts, average buy/sell prices, etc.
Summary Scan

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  • Web-based tool included within the Weblink ACT 3.0 front-end
  • Upload multiple trade entries in one operation to facilitate trade reporting via the ACT system
Batch Upload

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  • Scan for rejected trades by the ACT system
  • All trades visible regardless of how they were entered (FIX, CTCI, Workstation, etc.)
  • Edit rejected trades and them resubmit via Trade Entry submission to ACT
  • Included within the Weblink ACT 3.0 front-end
Reject Scan

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  • Determine whether a security is ACT eligible or clearing eligible
  • Search by CUSIP or Symbol
Eligibility Scan

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  • Determine AGU/QSR relationships as executing MPID or participant MPID

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  • Search for clearing relationships as executing firm or clearing firm
Clearing Scan

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