Subscriber Agreements and Forms


Below are agreements and forms needed to subscribe to Nasdaq trading-related services and the Secure Data and Secure Services sections of this website. Specific instructions on how to subscribe to each product or service, including which agreements and forms you need, are found on the individual Products and Services pages.

All Nasdaq agreements and forms are available in Portable Document Format (.PDF) or web format. To view and print PDF documents, you need the Adobe Reader software.

Subscribers (as defined in the Nasdaq U.S. Services Agreement) must use the relevant request forms when providing written notification to Nasdaq for requesting new services canceling existing services, or changing existing services.

General Agreements and Forms

Nasdaq U.S. Services Agreement

Application for Registration as a Market Maker on the Nasdaq System

BX Retail Member Organization Application (RMO) Form

Nasdaq Designated Retail Order Attestation Form

Service Bureaus Forms & Agreements

Service Bureau Agreement

Options Maintenance Tool (OMT) Service Bureau Agreement

Requirements Document for Service Bureau Subscribers (Software Description)

Certified Partners Program Registration Form

Uniform Trade Reporting Facility Service Bureau/Executing Broker Agreement

FINRA/Nasdaq TRF Agreements

Nasdaq U.S. Services Agreement - Give-Up Addendum

FINRA/Nasdaq TRF Chicago Participation Form

FINRA/Nasdaq TRF Retail Participant Application Form

Nasdaq Services Agreement - Non-Member FINRA/Nasdaq Trade Reporting Facility® Addendum (for CDS Members)

FINRA Transparency Services Uniform Executing Broker Agreement

Explicit Fee Agreement

Sales Fee Transfer Agreement

Confidentiality Agreements

Standard Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement

Mutual Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement

Nasdaq Monthly Volume Confidentiality Release Agreement

Port Request Forms

Nasdaq Equities Port Request Form

BX Equities Port Request Form


PSX Equities Port Request Form


BX Options Port Request Form


Nasdaq Options Market Port Request Form


PHLX Port Request Form


Nasdaq Futures Port Request Form


Nasdaq Fixed Income


Nasdaq Bond Exchange Port Request Form


FINRA® Services Port Request Form

Dedicated OUCH Request Form

Front-End Request Forms

Nasdaq Front-End Access Order Form

WorkX Request Form

Report HQ Agreements and Subscription Order Form

Pre-Trade Risk Management Forms

Nasdaq Pre-Trade Risk Management Order Form - RASH/FIX

Nasdaq Pre-Trade Risk Management Order Form - OUCH

MPID Change/Aggregation Forms

MPID Change Request Form

MPID Request Form

Aggregate Pricing Form

MPID Affirmation Form

Secure Services Forms

Secure Data Agreements and Subscription Order Form

Secure Services Agreements and Subscription Order Form

Regulatory/Other Forms

Petition for Clearly Erroneous Review Form

Soft Dollar Subscriber Amendment

Soft Dollar Subscriber and Payor Agreement

Nasdaq Fund Network (NFN) Agreements and Applications

Service Information

Nasdaq only gives information related to any activity or servicing of that MPID to designated representatives employed by the firm that has been assigned an MPID, as dictated by Nasdaq policy.