Alert Descriptions and Examples

Trading News

Trader Alerts - An informational alert regarding industry changes, product or initiative launches, program updates, testing opportunities and pricing changes.

  • OTA #2008-016: The NASDAQ Options Market Announces September Price Improvement Results
  • HTA #2008-126: NASDAQ BX Scheduled to Launch January 12, 2009; Trading Rules Filed and Pricing Announced
  • HTA #2008-115: Automated Data Processing to Begin Listing on NASDAQ under their Current Ticker Symbol ADP on Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Technical Updates - An alert used to communicate technical changes. Examples include specification changes, testing opportunities and functionality updates.

  • TU #2008-12: Update: NASDAQ ACT Defines New Market Maker Trade Entry and Unsolicited Messages
  • TU #2008-10: NASDAQ Reduces Randomization Time for the Intraday and Post-Close Crosses
  • TU #2008-8: NASDAQ Updates Protocol Specifications

Regulatory Alerts - Alerts that communicate regulatory changes such as updates to rules, guidelines and actions; regulatory and membership information.

  • RA #2008-41: Updated Information Regarding Sponsored Access and OATs Reporting
  • RA #2008-34: SEC Announces Extension of Emergency Short Sale Order through October 17, 2008
  • RA #2008-27: UPDATE: SEC Issues Further Guidance to Protect Investors Against “Naked” Short Selling

Market Data News

Market Data News: This is supported for all markets and includes news items that would be of interest to all firms that subscribe to NASDAQ data products. Potential topics include new market coverage, new product announcements for existing markets, pricing/policy changes for existing distributor products.

  • NVA #2008-80: NASDAQ Plans To Offer New NASDAQ Basic Entitlement
  • NVA #2008-71: NASDAQ Introduces Plans for a New Real-Time, Proprietary Data Feed Called NASDAQ Market Pathfinders

Data Technical News: This is supported for all markets and includes news items that would be of interest to firms that take NASDAQ data products directly from the U.S. or European data centers. Potentials topics include NASDAQ data feed format changes, testing and release schedule announcements, network bandwidth upgrades.

  • NVA #2008-78: FINRA to Increase Bandwidth Allocations for TDDS and BBDS, Effective January 26, 2009

Financial Product News: This is intended for NASDAQ Global Index Data Service subscribers and includes announcements of new NASDAQ indexes and exchange traded funds.

  • NVA #2008-082: NASDAQ Weekend Testing Dates for Global Index Service
  • NVA #2008-058: NASDAQ to Disseminate New Index Effective Friday, September 26, 2008

MFQS News: This is currently supported only for NASDAQ and includes inbound system interface changes and listing changes to the Mutual Fund Reporting Service.

Data Newsletters: This is supported only for the NASDAQ Nordic and Baltic Markets and includes highlights about upcoming data product changes.

  • NVA #2008-51: NASDAQ Announces New Names for Nordic Data Feed Products

System Status

  • General System Status – These are brief alerts to announce the updates to the operation of NASDAQ systems.
  • Regulatory – Brief alerts regarding regulatory operational information for NASDAQ markets including clearly erroneous rulings.
  • IPO – These alerts are sent to announce Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) on NASDAQ and include the release information.
  • Self Help – These are brief emails stating when a NASDAQ market center declares or revokes Self Help on another market center.
  • Single Stock Trading Pause – These alerts announce when a security has been paused due to volatility based on thresholds established by the industry-wide Single Stock Circuit Breaker.
  • Short Sale Circuit Breaker – These alerts announce when a security has been placed on the SEC Short Sale Circuit Breaker list.
  • Trading Halt - Alerts sent when NASDAQ has halted a security.

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