Thursday, April 29, 2021

Data Technical News #2021 - 14
Third Party Indexes on GIDS - Historical Index Data Load

Markets Impacted:

  • All Markets

Data Feeds Impacted:

  • Nasdaq Global Index Data Service GIDS

Contact Information:

What you need to know:

On March 30, 2021, Nasdaq received historical Index data for six third-party indexes on Nasdaq’s Global Index Data Service from April 20, 2021 to April 27, 2021. The file for this large data set can be downloaded HERE, for the following symbols:

  • ECMM
  • HOTL

  • What was loaded?

    Nasdaq received historical data for the below indexes from April 20, 2021 to April 27, 2021. To ensure that vendors have complete data sets, we have posted the valuation file.

    Existing Value Enhanced Value
    HOTL Strategic Hotel & Lodging Sector Price Return Index
    HOTLNTR Strategic Hotel & Lodging Sector Net Total Return Index
    HOTLTR Strategic Hotel & Lodging Sector Total Return Index
    ECMM Strategic E-Commerce & Logistics Sector Price Return Index
    ECMMNTR Strategic E-Commerce & Logistics Sector Net Total Return Index
    ECMMTR Strategic E-Commerce & Logistics Sector Total Return Index

    What do customers need to do?

    The Vendors should pull down the provided data file and apply the history to the appropriate instrument. The files for this data set can be downloaded HERE.

    The posted file is in Excel CSV file format. If you need a different format, please reach out to Nasdaq CAPI Operations for the format your firm needs to load this data.

    Where can I find additional information?

    For questions about Nasdaq index products, please contact Nasdaq CAPI Operations at +1 844 717 0708 (for US Callers) or +1 301 978 8311 (for International Callers).