Thursday, October 28, 2010

Financial Products News #2010 - 53
NASDAQ OMX to Begin Dissemination of 18 New NASDAQ OMX Green Economy Indexes Effective Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Markets Impacted:

  • All Markets

Data Feeds Impacted:

  • NASDAQ OMX Global Index Data Service (GIDS)
  • NASDAQ OMX Global Index Watch (GIW)

Contact Information:

What you need to know:

  • UPDATED 11/5/2010: NASDAQ OMX revised the number of indexes being launched on November 10th
  • .
  • On Wednesday, November 10, 2010, NASDAQ OMX® will begin disseminating 18 new NASDAQ OMX Green Economy Indexes.
  • For a revised list of the new indexes in the NASDAQ OMX Green Economy Index Family, please visit the NASDAQ OMX Trader® website.
  • Weightings and component information for these indexes will be available exclusively via NASDAQ OMX Global Index Watch (GIW).

What is the NASDAQ OMX Green Economy Index Family?

The NASDAQ OMX Green Economy Index Family is designed to track the performance of companies across the Green Economy, which encompasses the spectrum of industries most closely associated with the economic model of overall sustainable development. Companies tracked in the NASDAQ OMX Green Economy Index Family are involved in the shift of economic development towards sustainable practices in business and infrastructure.

What are the Green Economy Index sectors?

The NASDAQ OMX Green Economy Index Family will be comprised of constituents separated into 13 different sectors: Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Generation, Healthy Living, Advanced Materials, Green Building, Bio/Clean Fuels, Pollution Mitigation, Natural Resources, Recycling, Lighting, Water, Transport and Financial.

Two versions of the indexes will be disseminated:

  • Price Return Index – Ordinarily calculated without regard to cash dividends.
  • Total Return Index – Calculated by reinvesting cash dividends on the ex-date.

How will the NASDAQ OMX Green Economy Indexes be disseminated?

Data recipients will receive real-time index information from the proprietary NASDAQ OMX Global Index Data ServiceSM (GIDSSM) data feed as well as NASDAQ OMX Global Index Watch (GIW). For a complete list of the new NASDAQ OMX Green Economy Indexes and dissemination details please visit the NASDAQ OMX Trader website.

In addition to the real-time tick messages, NASDAQ OMX will support the following directory messages on GIDS:

  • Index Details (Category P - Type A): Used to disseminate real-time index values at one-second intervals for the new indexes.
  • Index End of Day Summary (Category A - Type B): Disseminated at the end of the U.S. and European trading session to relay closing index summary data.
  • Index Directory (Category A – Type C): Disseminated at the start of each day to relay basic index information.

Please note: NASDAQ OMX will not support an official Index Settlement Value for the indexes at this time.

How can I receive weightings information for the NASDAQ OMX Green Economy Indexes?

NASDAQ OMX is the first indexer to offer a complete family of indexes tracking the growing environmental and clean-energy sector. For a limited time, NASDAQ OMX is providing access, on a fee waived basis, to premier weightings data. NASDAQ OMX has created a new entitlement of GIW for the NASDAQ OMX Green Economy Indexes. The new service will be the exclusive source of weightings information, as well as advance corporate action notifications. Please contact NASDAQ OMX Global Data Products for ordering details.

Where can I find additional information?

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