Ticker Symbol Convention

CQS Suffix CMS Suffix NASDAQ Integrated Platform Suffix NASDAQ ACT/CTCI Suffixes
Preferred p PR - $
Preferred Class “A”* pA PRA -A  $A
Preferred Class “B”* pB PRB -B $B
Class “A”* /A A .A  .A
Class “B”* /B B .B   .B
Preferred when distributed p/WD PRWD -$ .D
When distributed /WD WD $ .Z
Warrants /WS WS + .W
Warrants Class “A”* /WS/A WSA +A .W or .A**
Warrants Class “B”* /WS/B WSB +B  
Called /CL CL *  
Class “A” Called* /A/CL ACL .A* .A
Preferred called p/CL PRCL -* $
Preferred “A” called* pA/CL PRACL -A* $A
Preferred “A” when issued* pAw PRAWI -A#  .V or .Z
Emerging Company Marketplace /EC EC ! .E
Partial Paid /PP PP @  
Convertible /CV CV %  
Convertible called /CV/CL CVCL %*  
Class Convertible /A/CV ACV .A%  
Preferred (class A) Convertible pA/CV PRACV -A%  
Preferred (class A) when Distributed pA/WD PRAWD -A$  
Rights r RT ^ .R
Units /U U = .U
When issued w WI # .V or .Z
Rights when issued rw RTWI ^# .V or .Z
Preferred when issued pw PRWI -# .V or .Z
Class "A" when issued* /Aw AWI .A# .V or .Z
Warrrant when issued /WSw WSWI +# .V or .Z
TEST symbol /TEST TEST ~  


  1. The CMS convention has a space between the root and the suffix
  2. The CQS convention is shown for reference purposes only. NASDAQ protocols do not support using the CQS ticker symbol convention for sending orders into NASDAQ's integrated platform.
  3. The NASDAQ integrated platform suffix will be used for order-entry via RASH, OUCH, INET FIX, and for data dissemination via ITCH.
  4. NASDAQ ACT/CTCI suffix are used in ACT and CTCI protocol.

* Class “B” though Class “Z” securities are denoted using the same format as Class “A” securities on this matrix.

** Dependent on the number of warrant classes for the company.