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Overview & Benefits

NASDAQ OMX TradeInfo is an easily accessible web-based tool that allows users access to all of the order and execution information for their entire firm, for both Equities and Options, through one interface.

It offers users the ability to status orders, cancel open orders and generate various reports. Firms can also mitigate risk during a technical challenge by using TradeInfo to view and cancel orders.

Avoid support delays during unforeseen technical disruptions, simply log into TradeInfo through a secure web browser to access easy-to-use order and execution management tools.

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Tradeinfo for Options

TradeInfo for Options is available as a stand-alone, and also free with any NASDAQ Workstation log-on. TradeInfo users have the ability to see the status of orders, executions, cancels and breaks. Trading data, such as execution reports, are available for download using Excel.


TradeInfo is offered complimentary as part of the NASDAQ Workstation. In addition to TradeInfo, the Workstation offers firms the ability to trade, quote, view trade reports, scan trades, access rich market data and more.

TradeInfo is available as a stand-alone product for $95 per user, per month, per market.

How to Subscribe

For more information or to subscribe, contact NASDAQ Subscriber Services at +1 212 231 5180 or fill out the Front End Order form and fax it to Subscriber Services at +1 212 231 5426. To subscribe to the NASDAQ Workstation, contact Kristen Pross at +1 212 401 8720.

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