FINRA/Nasdaq TRF to Add Milliseconds

Starting on Monday, November 10, 2014, the FINRA/Nasdaq TRF will support the ability for firms to report trades to the millisecond. The milliseconds change in the Nasdaq Test Facility (NTF) is currently available for testing, and strongly recommends participants test the millisecond functionality.

Please be advised that participants may begin to receive milliseconds in CTCI or FIX acknowledgement messages and/or drop copy messages prior to the November 10th production date. Please be prepared to accept these messages any time after October 20, 2014 as Nasdaq begins to stage changes for the milliseconds change.

• For the Equity Trader Journal & ACT Recap, time fields will be updated to milliseconds. Since these reports are T+1, users will expect to see milliseconds passed through starting on November 11 (for trade date November 10).

For more information, please refer to the TRF Milliseconds FAQs or contact Adam Messick at +1 212 231 5449.


Report Center is a central platform for ordering historical reports from NASDAQ OMX systems and applications. Reports are available on a daily subscription and ad-hoc basis through download or secure FTP.

NASDAQ OMX now provides Equity Invoice Detail Reports, via the NASDAQ OMX Report Center. These new reports are FREE and can help firms track their order flow on a monthly basis for the NASDAQ Stock Market.

New Invoice Detail Reports!

Customer Invoice Detail

A report detailing all executions for the month by MPID.

Report details:

  • Available Monthly
  • Data for May 2014 and moving forward.
  • Available in CVS format
  • Sample Report   

Month to Date (MTD) Invoice Summary

A report showing month to date revenue detail.

Report details:

  • Daily Report
  • Data for June 2014 and moving forward.
  • Available in Excel format
  • Sample Report   

Excessive Messaging Invoice Detail

A report reviewing your daily execution and order flow.

Report details:

    • Daily Report
    • Data for June 2014 and moving forward.
    • Available in Excel format
    • Sample Report   

Investor Support Program (ISP)

This report contains information related to the number of orders/executions that go through different ports. Each client has a baseline number that they try to pass while keeping the order/execution ration below 10:1.

Report details:

    • Daily Report
    • Data for August 2014 and moving forward.
    • Available in Excel format
    • Sample Report   

Qualified Market Maker (QMM)

This Report is to keep track of quoting activity. Clients get a discount for meeting specific QMM criteria. Quote request of 1000 securities 25% of the time for the entire day -- this report tracks activity.

Report details:

    • Daily Report
    • Data for August 2014 and moving forward.
    • Available in Excel format
    • Sample Report   


Real-Time Market Maker Position Report

This report will provide a list of all registered positions in NASDAQ and other exchange-listed securities for a specific MPID. It provides a solution for tracking market maker positions and quotes.

Equity Trade Journal (Clearing Firms)

This report is made specifically for clearing firms. The report will include the current ETJ fields, as well as clearing number. This will allow clearing firms to view all activity associated with their clearing number. Reports will be broken down by MPID.

Execution Reports

Includes reports from The NASDAQ Stock Market such as daily execution volume
summaries and daily routing strategy summaries.

ACT & Back Office Reports

Detailed transaction history for use in compliance, reconciliation, research
and Books and Records.

Price & Quote Reports

Summaries of time and sales and market maker quotes.

Compliance & Risk Reports

Reports for tracking compliance with industry rules and monitoring risk.

Historical QView

New Execution Reports provide historical recaps of the real-time execution data available in NASDAQ OMX QView. View an overall summary with all totals displayed by quantity, volume or dollar value.

Market Recap

The Market Recap report gives a summary of all market event alerts issued by NASDAQ OMX during the date requested. Events include system status, IPOs, halts, regulatory changes.

Subscribe Today!

New customers can subscribe to Report Center via the Report Center Request Form.

  • Premium Subscription - $225/month for 100 reports/ month
  • Basic Subscription - $175/ month for 25 reports/ month

Equity Trade Journal for Clearing Firms is available as an add-on to Report Center or as a stand-alone subscription. Subscribers are assessed monthly fees based upon the tier they fall into for the month.

Tier Number of Correspondent MPIDs Monthly Fees
Tier 1 Daily Reports for 1-10 correspondent MPIDs $750/month
Tier 2 Daily Reports for 11-20 correspondent MPIDs $1,000/month
Tier 3 Daily Reports for 21-30 correspondent MPIDs $1,250/month
Tier 4 Daily Reports for 31-40 correspondent MPIDs $1,500/month
Tier 5 Daily Reports for 41 or more correspondent MPIDs $1,750/month

For more information on Report Center, contact NASDAQ OMX Subscriber Services at +1 212 231 5180.

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