Nasdaq BX Options (BX Options) Participation

The BX Options membership process mirrors current practices on The Nasdaq Stock Market and NOM. Firms wishing to participate on BX Options will need to follow the membership application guidelines below.

All applications should be accompanied by a clearing Letter of Guarantee:

Nasdaq Equities Exchange Members:

Nasdaq BX members wishing to participate in the new BX Options market will be required to submit a BX Options Participant Application and Agreement.

Broker-dealers who are members of FINRA or Nasdaq:

Broker-dealers who are already members of FINRA and/or Nasdaq, but not Nasdaq BX members, will qualify for the short form Nasdaq BX Membership Application.

Broker-dealers who are not members of Nasdaq BX, FINRA, or Nasdaq:

Applicants who are not already approved for membership with FINRA and/or Nasdaq will be required to submit a full membership application. This is the same as the processes in place today for membership on Nasdaq and NOM.

Completed application documents can be sent to:

Documents may also be submitted in PDF format via email to:

Alternatively, send applications to:

Nasdaq Membership Department
1900 Market Street, 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103-3584

This page was last updated February 2015.