Monday, October 19, 2020

Equity Trader Alert #2020 - 67
Reminder: Nasdaq Announces Regulation SCI BCP/DR Testing


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As announced in ERA #2020-3 and ORA #2020-9, Nasdaq will host its annual Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan test on Saturday, October 24, 2020.

Designated Members

Nasdaq notified the Designated Members that are required to participate in this test in March 2020; however, all members are encouraged to test. If you are unsure whether your firm is required to participate, please contact Equities Trading Services at +1 212 231 5180 or U.S. Market Operations - Options at +1 215 496 1571.

Designated Members (required participants) are expected to test and validate that their systems will function and perform appropriately in a disaster recovery event. In addition, Designated Members are required to provide a confirmation of participation in the test as well as a checklist of activities performed, to Equities Trading Services. or Options Help Desk.

Testing Plan

System Availability

Nasdaq Markets (The Nasdaq Stock Market, Nasdaq BX, Nasdaq PSX, Nasdaq PHLX, Nasdaq BX Options, The Nasdaq Options Market, Nasdaq ISE, Nasdaq GEMX, and Nasdaq MRX) will be available for testing. All order entry methods and market data feeds will be available for testing via the Chicago Data Center. Members will be able to connect at the same order acceptance times that are published with the production system settings for each exchange.

Test Schedule

  • 09:00 AM ET – Pre-open Session Begins
  • 09:30 AM ET – Opening Cross, Market Hours
  • 10:00 AM ET – IPO “ZWZZT”
  • 10:30 AM ET – IPO “ZXZZT”
  • 12:00 PM ET – Closing Cross, After-market Session Begins
  • 01:00 PM ET – Trading Session Ends

Test Activities

Equities Members/Participants are encouraged to validate the following as appropriate to their BCP/DR plans:

  • Connectivity
  • Trading
  • Market Data
  • Opening Cross participation
  • IPO Participation (10:00 AM ET or 10:30 AM ET)
  • Closing Cross participation
  • After-market participation

Options Members/Participants are encouraged to validate the following as appropriate to their BCP/DR plans:

  • Connectivity
  • Quote Entry
  • Order Entry
    1. Simple Order Entry
    2. Complex Order Entry
    3. Auction Order Entry
  • Trading
  • Opening Process participation

Please be aware as announced in ETA #2020-59, Nasdaq will operate the Nasdaq PSX exchange out of the Chicago data center as the primary matching engine during the week of October 26 through October 30. During this time all Nasdaq PSX features and functionality will be available. Nasdaq PSX operations will return to the Carteret data center on Monday, November 2, 2020.

Please contact Equities Trading Services at +1 212 231 5180, U.S. Market Operations - Options at +1 215 496 1571, or U.S. Market Sales at +1 800 846 0477 with any questions.

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