Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Data Technical News #2016 - 39
Nasdaq Announces Additional ISE Market Data Specification Changes

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What you need to know:

Nasdaq announces that ISE Spread feed-specific documentation is now available, in addition to updates to all other ISE market data specifications.

Nasdaq is advising firms to continue re-platform readiness as migration for the following exchanges to INET technology moves forward. Nasdaq is targeting the below dates for completion:

  • ISE Gemini on 2/27/2017;
  • ISE on 6/5/2017;
  • ISE Mercury on 7/31/2017.

Please see the ISE Nasdaq Migration Calendar for key migration dates.

In regards to this announcement, the following Specification Documents related to the Spread feed for the ISE main market are now available in the ISE Members Area:

The latest technical specifications for the Depth of Market, Top Quote, Trade, and Order feed are also now available in the ISE Members Area. The specifications for the feeds listed below will be the same across all three of the ISE exchanges (ISE, ISE Gemini, and ISE Mercury).

Nasdaq firmly believes that once the ISE trading platforms have been migrated to the Nasdaq INET technology, client firms will be able to:

  • Competitively trade options on six distinct trading platforms with the same best-in-class technology; and
  • Take advantage of the order types and risk management features that are uniquely competitive to ISE.

Please review all specification documents. Nasdaq will continue to communicate any changes that are made to the market data specifications.

For further information on the changes to the market data feeds, please refer to Section 7 of the ISE Re-platform Release Notes. Customers may refer to the Nasdaq ISE Migration Contact List or Nasdaq ISE Integration FAQs for additional information.

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