Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Data Technical News #2019 - 12
Nasdaq Index Files to Begin Populating New ICB Subsector Code

Markets Impacted:

  • All Markets

Data Feeds Impacted:

  • Nasdaq Global Index Watch (GIW)
  • Nasdaq Global Index Flex File Delivery (GIFFD)

Contact Information:

What you need to know:

Effective Monday, September 9, 2019, Nasdaq index files will begin populating a new 8 numeric ICB subsector code.

Please note the underlying indexes will not be transitioning over to the new ICB methodology until 2020.

What is being announced?

Nasdaq will add a new field at the end of each file showing the new “ICB Subsector Code” within its constituent and weighting files, effective Monday, September 9, 2019. Nasdaq is taking this proactive approach to give clients a preview of the underlying constituents of the new “ICB Subsector Code” in advance of the indexes switching in 2020.

Which index files will be impacted?

The following daily file types will have a new field populated called:
“ICB Subsector Code” Field Size: Varchar (8) Numeric

GIFFD - SFTP File names:
Start of Day Weighting  YYYYMMDD_INDEXSYMBOL_WSOD_01.txt
End of Day Weighting   YYYYMMDD_INDEXSYMBOL_WEOD_01.txt
Proforma File                YYYYMMDD_INDEXSYMBOL_PRO_01.txt

GIW - Webservices:|

Will Nasdaq make available sample files?

Yes. Clients can view individual sample files in the following the location:

Nasdaq will provide one off sample files for the following indexes only. Please note the files format will be the same for all equity indexes. “ICB Subsector Code” will begin populating effective Monday, September 9, 2019.

Index Symbol Index Name
NQGI NASDAQ Global Index
OMXS30 OMX Stockholm 30 Index

When will Nasdaq begin switching the actual indexes to the new ICB classification system?

Nasdaq is planning to switch the indexes and methodology throughout 2020. Nasdaq will be sending out a follow-up notification clearly stating the planned switching schedule for each index family.

Where can I find additional information?

  • Refer to the Global Index Data Service product page on the Nasdaq Trader website.
  • Refer to the Global Data Policies guide.
  • Refer to the Nasdaq Index Data Usage and Distribution Policy guide.
  • Refer to the Global Indexes website for more information about Nasdaq’s index offerings.
  • Contact Nasdaq Global Information Services at + 1 301 978 5307 or + 45 33 93 66.

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