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All of the interfaces to NASDAQ OMX BX OptionsSM are light weight messaging protocols via Multicast or TCP/IP connection. No special hardware or middleware is required to connect to NASDAQ OMX BX Options. The links below can be used to retrieve the latest versions of the messaging protocols and formats for each of the areas of interest.

Options Trading Protocols

Order Entry Firms

FIX to Trade Options: NASDAQ OMX protocol based on the industry standard Financial Information eXchange (FIX) that provides customers with a flexible protocol for entering orders into NOM that can be routed to other exchanges if necessary. Market makers cannot use FIX for market making activities.

Market Makers

Specialized Quote Interface (SQF): The proprietary bulk quoting API for market making which is the same on NASDAQ OMX PHLX. Describes the messages required based on the quote participants role.

Additional Information

Clearing Trade Interface (CTI): Interface to provide quoting participants with real-time clearing trade updates for a participant.

DROP: One interface exists for firms interested in receiving real time information regarding orders and executions sent to BX Options.

BX Options Market Data Feeds

BX Options market data will be identical to NOM market data feeds. Direct data feeds will include:

  • BX Options Top of Market (BX Top) – Features data elements including, best bid and offer quotations, last sale data, administrative and market event messages. BX Top is the same as NOM BONO.
  • BX Options Depth of Market (BX Depth) – Offers order and quote level data, trade messages, net order imbalance data and administrative messages. BX Depth is the same as NOM ITTO.
    • BX Options Glimpse – A complement to BX Depth, this is a point to point data feed connection that provides direct data feed customers with the current state of the BX Options book.

To view the market data specifications of all options markets, please visit the derivatives specifications page.

To subscribe to any of our market data products, please contact your NASDAQ OMX Global Data Products Account Manager at +1 301 978 5307 or visit the Global Data Products Administration page to complete the appropriate agreements and forms.

Other Specifications

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