A Comprehensive Solution for All Levels of Risk Management

TradeGuard is a comprehensive full-service risk management suite offering a range of tools to address the complex trading landscape. TradeGuard will allow customers to pick and choose from a broad product suite for a range of support, from building a custom risk solution to simply filling in gaps in a current solution. In addition to the current enterprise and NASDAQ OMX exchange risk tools available, the new suite also features monitoring for new markets and asset classes, improved gateways, and supplemental risk monitoring systems. Whether you’re a broker, sponsor, hedge fund, or clearing firm – TradeGuard has the products and services to meet your needs with price points that match your budget.

To learn more about how TradeGuard can help protect your business, contact Patrick Egan at +1 212 231 5733.

NASDAQ Pre-Trade Risk Management (PRM)

NASDAQ OMX Pre-Trade Risk Management (PRM) – available for The NASDAQ Stock Market, NASDAQ OMX BX and NASDAQ OMX PSX – provides member firms with the ability to set a wide range of checks for orders to provide pre-trade protection for FIX/Rash and OUCH/Flite ports. Using PRM, firms can put controls on their trading activity and the trading activity of their clients and customers at the order level — including the opportunity to prevent potentially erroneous transactions.

Benefits & Features

Validation Ahead of the Match

PRM validates orders entered on PRM-enabled ports prior to allowing those orders into its matching engine and customers are provided with clearly defined reject reasons.

PRM has several great benefits:

  • Speed- PRM is fast — adding virtually no latency to order acknowledgement time
  • Accuracy- PRM functionality reads real-time Level 2 price information from the UTP and CTA Security Information Processors (SIPs) at the port level to ensure the most accurate information available for validating orders.
  • Flexibility- PRM is flexible enough to manage everything from price protection on retail or agency orders to full control of sponsored access relationships.

Other key functions include:

  • "Big Red Button"- Manually disable/re-enable a module
  • Manage Easy-to-Borrow and Restricted Stock Lists
  • See reject messages
  • Access TradeInfo to manage orders and executions in real time.

Front-End Limit & Total Management

Summary NASDAQ Tab Setting Aggregates Order Checks Fat Finger Checks
Summary NASDAQ
Fat Finger

How to Subscribe

Market participants can subscribe to PRM by completing the PRM Order Form. Please fax the form to NASDAQ OMX Subscriber Services at +1 212 231 5426.

For any further information or questions, please contact Transaction Services U.S. Market Sales at +1 800 846 0477.

ACT Credit Risk Management

NASDAQ's ACT Workstation for Clearing Firms is an inexpensive browser-based application that assists firms in more easily managing their risk exposure. The ACT Workstation requires internet or extranet connectivity.

Features & Functionality

  • Intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Refined total buying and selling power limits
  • Blockbuster and sizeable limit settings
  • Trade notifications can be delivered through email and cell phone
  • Elect to “hold’ trades for your review
  • Manage your summary risk exposure by market participant and security
  • Enhanced trade entry with clearing price and improved trade analysis, including VWAP and Total Trade Price
  • Searches will offer historical trade dates, return up to 2,000 trades for each search and provide sorting and filtering capabilities
  • Trade searches can be exported to Excel and PDF

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