Thursday, April 1, 2010

General News #2010 - 2
New Field to be Added to the Symbol Directory Market Participant List

Markets Impacted:


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What you need to know:

  • One new field will be added to the Market Participant Symbol Directory and downloadable files on the NASDAQ OMX Trader® website, as well as the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Market Participant files.
  • All NASDAQ OMXSM customers must include the new field in any automated processes by close of business Thursday, April 29, 2010.

Why is the new field being added to Symbol Directory files?

As announced in Equity Trader Alert #2010-7 , NASDAQ OMX will launch a third U.S. equity trading platform using the license acquired from the 2007 acquisition of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. This new market will be called NASDAQ OMX PSXSM (PSXSM) and is scheduled to launch in the second quarter of 2010, subject to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approval. In anticipation of this launch, a new field will be added to the Market Participant Symbol Directory and downloadable files on the NASDAQ OMX Trader website, as well as the FTP downloadable files.

What is the name of new field?

The new field will be called "PSX Participant" and will be located after the "NASDAQ BX Member" field in the following two downloadable files:

What is the new file format?

The revised file format for the Market Participant Identifier (MPID) file is outlined below:

Field Name Definition

The identifier for each market participant. In cases where a market participant firm trades a security from a location other than its main trading location, a fifth letter may be appended to the market makers identifier for that security. Each market participant is free to use any letter to designate a specific branch location as desired.

MP Type

There are several types of NASDAQ OMX participants. Listed below are the characters used with its corresponding market participant type.

  • A = Agency Quote
  • C = Electronic Communications Network (ECN)
  • E = Exchange
  • M = Market Maker
  • N = Miscellaneous
  • O = Order Entry Firm
  • P = NASDAQ Participant
  • Q = Query Only Firm
  • S = Specialist


The firm name of the Market Participant (MP).


The geographic location or the trading desk(s) name of the firm.

Phone Number

The telephone number of the geographic location or trading desk of the firm.


Indicates whether a MP is a member of NASDAQ®.

Possible values are:

  • Y = Yes, MP is a NASDAQ exchange member
  • N = No, MP is not a NASDAQ exchange member

FINRA Member

Indicates whether a MP is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory AuthorityTM (FINRATM)

  • Y = Yes, MP is a FINRA member
  • N = No, MP is not a FINRA member


Indicates whether a MP is currently a member of NASDAQ OMX BXSM (BXSM).

  • Y = Yes, MP is a BX member
  • N = No, MP is not a BX member

PSX Participant

Indicates whether a MP is currently a member of NASDAQ OMX PHLXSM (PHLX®) and eligible to trade on PSX..

  • Y = Yes, MP is a PHLX member, eligible to trade on PSX
  • N = No, MP is not eligible to trade PSX

Initially, this field will be populated with the value of “N”. Additional notification may occur when this field will begin populating with the value of “Y”.

File Creation Time:

The last row of each Symbol Directory text file contains a timestamp that reports the file creation time. The file creation time is based on when NASDAQ OMX Trader generates the file and can be used to determine the timeliness of the associated data. The row contains the words “File Creation Time” followed by mmddyyyyhhmm as the first field, followed by all delimiters to round out the row. Example: File Creation Time: 0329201010:00||||||.

When will the new field began to populate?

The new field will be added close of business on Thursday, April 29, 2010.

Who should I contact with questions regarding this notice?

Questions regarding this notice can be directed to NASDAQ OMX Trading Services at +1 212 231 5180.

FINRA™ is a trademark of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.

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